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Jennifer Furniture


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The Company

This Furniture Company offers showrooms is California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC, Virginia, New York and Maryland. While they do have a web presence, not much is discussed about the actual company. After emerging from its Chapter 11 bankruptcy, this company had 74 Company owned stores, and fewer than 10 stores operating under the well-known Ashley Furniture Homestore.

This company is owed by Jennifer Convertibles Inc, and currently operates as a subsidiary of the Haining Mengnu Group Co., Ltd. Jennifer Convertibles Inc. is not a publicly traded company as of 2011, and is based in Woodbury New York, This company is committed to climbing its way back up the ladder of the furniture retail industry.

With a blog attached to their very eye-catching website, Jennifer Furniture is going to become the retailer to watch.


The Products

Jennifer Furniture offers many options for living room furniture. Sofa beds, chairs, and sectional couches are just a few examples! This company details many fabric options that are bright and colorful, as well as neutral to suit the consumer’s needs. Sizing choices are also available for these products. The chairs sold at Jennifer Furniture are beautifully covered in heavy duty fabrics, perfect for any kitchen table setup, or extra seating in a living room! Barrel chairs are another example of the innovative design of this company, offering a very cozy seating option for consumers. These pieces are comfortable, and add warmth to any home!

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Bedroom set are also available here. Leather is a fabric this company loves, and is not afraid to use! Bed frames are certainly no exception! The unique style options offered here bring in a variety of customers, who are looking for a piece of furniture to fit their life.

The kitchen is certainly not off limits here, either! Dining sets are gorgeously structured to provide a sturdy place to serve meals to your family. The sets include short square tables, or long oval ones, with every style in between! Wood color choice is also offered, allowing you the option of customizing these pieces to fit your current or future home. The sizing options of these sets also allow you to fit a family of 10, or just a simple couple starting their life together.

Kids! This retailer offers many different and exciting designs for any kid’s bedroom! Whether you want to climb up steps to get in bed, or simply hop up, Jennifer Furniture is not afraid to offer a variety of options to you. Dressers, and end tables to match are just a click away as well, offering up a quick way to see a possible bedroom setup.

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Jennifer Furniture is friendly and bright, with colors and designs for those with something to say! Houses should be filled with love and fun, and the types of furniture placed in it should not be overlooked! With the sassy styles, and familiar brands offered here, consumers should feel pleased with the results of their trip to a Jennifer Furniture location.